Chris Matthews to lefties: Why didn't Hillary address Benghazi sooner?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Here’s one question I think she may have a problem with, and David [Corn], you and I are in the business here. Putting down the idea that there’s a problem with her not going on the Sunday [shows] — Meet the Press and all the other Sunday programs, which are the big programs of record on the weekends — and saying that’s just Washington beltway talk. I don’t think that’s going to sell, especially with the press because the press still, although cable has built, of course, a much more bigger role than it ever had before because it exists now.

But the Sunday shows are still the place you go on and make your big defense. And for her to just put it down and say, ‘Well, that’s like late night television.’ Well, it’s not. I think that’s going to be a harder argument for her to make. And they sent Susan Rice out there. She was on duty. It’s her responsibility. She’s confronting it now, very effectively it looks like, and in the book especially. Why didn’t she confront it right when it happened? That’s a legitimate question, I think. I believe it is a legitimate question. I would have liked to have had her on TV.

DAVID CORN: But at this stage in the game on Benghazi, Chris, that is relatively a small question compared to everything else that’s been thrown at her.

MATTHEWS: She addressed it in her book, though. It’s not so small not to be addressed.

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