How "Game of Thrones" is like America

There is no middle class in “Game of Thrones.” The “99%” of Westeros — the peasants, innkeepers and farmers — survive at the whim of a small group of wealthy families who treat them with indifference and cruelty…

The 2016 presidential election could well feature another Clinton vs. Bush contest if Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush decide to run. Could Americans one day say, without irony, “The House of Bush” or “The House of Clinton”?…

The late soul singer James Brown never makes an appearance in “Game of Thrones,” but his song, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” could be its unofficial soundtrack.

There are no men pushing for gender equality in “Game of Thrones.” Male characters unapologetically beat women, rape them and throw them away as if they’re old sofas. Yet to paraphrase Brown, the show “wouldn’t be nothing” without a cast of formidable female characters who refuse to play the roles assigned to them.

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