Retirees: We'll "lose everything" in Detroit deal

“You’re going to see thousands of pensioners not having health care. Long term, they’re going to lose everything,” said Keith Davis, a retiree who worked for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department for 31 years. “Thousands of pensioners will have to go on food stamps who can’t afford food anymore. You’re going to see a lot of people give up hope.”…

Gina Thomson, a retiree from the city’s Department of Human Services, which the city eliminated in 2012 — two years shy of her vesting for a full pension — gets $830 a month in pension benefits, but now has to pay $211 a month in health care costs.

“I’m not looking forward to giving up any money as a retiree,” she said, counting herself as a no vote on the plan of adjustment. “Yes I want the city to heal, and I’ll persevere and get another job if I have to.”

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