What are the most (and least) charitable states?

There are only two U.S. states where at least 50 percent of residents say they’ve recently given either money or time to charity: Utah and Minnesota, according to a new Gallup poll. Nevada and Kentucky tied for the lowest rate of charitable giving.

The poll was conducted in the last six months of 2013, when at least 600 residents of each state were asked whether they had donated money to a charity or volunteered at an organization within the past month.

Gallup produced a map based on , which found that after the top two charitable states, Hawaii, South Dakota, and New Hampshire rounded out the top five (see the full list of states below).

One finding held true for all 50 states: People were more likely to have donated money than time, Gallup says. Even in the states that ranked lowest in the findings, more than 50 percent of the residents said they had donated money to charity.

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