Bush vs. Clinton 2016: Would a battle of dynasties be un-American?

Some maintain that this is less an example of dynastic tendencies, let alone nepotism, than a case of families sharing an interest and passing traditions down from one generation to the next – like a sort of family business.

This makes running the most powerful country in the world sound as quaint as being a grocer’s son. Of course, we acknowledge the importance of both nature and nurture: we talk a lot about genius. But running a family grocery is altogether different from running a nation.

Ultimately, our penchant for dynasties exposes a contradiction within the American psyche. While Americans don’t much care for hereditary rule, we do care a great deal about making money – and it is in the context of capitalism and commercialism that it makes business sense for the Republicans to nominate Jeb Bush.

Ever wonder why Hollywood churns out so many second-rate but profitable, sequels and remakes? It’s because, no matter how bad the film may prove to be, studios are almost guaranteed to make money from a familiar title with a proven track record.

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