Poll: ObamaCare still divisive, still disliked

These results reflect a pattern of opinion established last fall, with no real change from opinion then. Americans don’t see positive media discussion of the law either. 51% say media coverage of Obamacare is mostly negative; only one in ten describe the coverage as positive. Few Democrats see favorable coverage, and they have become only tepid cheerleaders for the law. Just over a third of Democrats call the law a success. One in five cite it as a failure.

But what may be the biggest surprise in the data is the lack of improvement in evaluations of healthcare.gov by users. In the March and April polls, conducted after the website was functioning smoothly, nearly half of healthcare.gov visitors described their experience as negative. Less than a third said it was positive. And those who visited the website recently didn’t rate it all that much better than those who last visited in the site’s early, troubled days. Just under half of those who visited in February and March described their experience on the site as more negative than positive. That was somewhat lower than the negative assessments of those who last visited in October, when the website was pretty much non-functional, but no different from the response in other months.

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