"If he had any other last name I think you would see conservatives pushing him to run"

Jeb Bush also needs to curb his tendency to lecture Republicans about what ails their party if he hopes to have a future on the campaign trail, said Craig Robinson, who runs a prominent Iowa GOP blog.

“I understand the argument, but that is a tough sale when you are running for president,” Robinson said. “‘You might not like my education proposals and believe that the federal government should have nothing to do with education, but, well, here it is anyway.’ It is not a message that is going to get Republican primary voters very excited.”

Several of the top conservative media personalities have fueled the opposition to a Bush restoration. “He’s pro-amnesty, pro-Common Core, pro-Big Business & he wants to be president,” Michelle Malkin tweeted on Monday. On NewsMax TV, former Rep. Allen West called Bush an “elitist” and said his immigration comments were “disrespectful to the American people.” And national radio talk show host Mark Levin has called the prospect of another Bush presidency “extremely unhealthy for the Republic.”

If Bush does run, however, he could ignore the outcry from the conservative wing of the party.

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