Charlotte mayor allegedly boasted about his Obama connection while accepting bribes

According to Davis, Cannon told the undercover agent the $63 million in federal matching funds for the streetcar line “went away.” However, Davis said Cannon promised to “go after” another “pot of money” and vowed to discuss the issue during an upcoming meeting with the president.

“So, you know, Friday I’m meeting with the President,” Cannon said, according to the affidavit. “Well, first I’m meeting with the Secretaries, all the Secretaries. And then, I’ll be meeting with the President and the President will be asking what my priorities are. I’m gonna say the Gold LYNX Line’s a priority and I want to see that through.”

Davis said the undercover agent responded to this by telling Cannon he was “operating at quite a level.” Cannon was part of a delegation of newly-elected mayors who visited the White House last Dec. 13, two days after this conversation allegedly occurred. Business Insider called Cannon’s office Wednesday to ask about the charges and a spokeswoman who identified herself only as Phyllis declined to comment on anything relating to the allegations.