End of an era: RIP, Green Room

Liberty Unyielding is, in a sense, a child of Hot Air, and more specifically the Green Room. The five founders of LU — J.E. Dyer, Libby Sternberg, Dustin Siggins, Fausta Wertz, and yours truly — are all Green Room expatriates. Ditto for Mike Antonucci, Jeff Dunetz, and Amy Lutz, who have joined us since as contributors.

Similarly, some of the regular readers and commenters here are veterans of the Green Room during its halcyon days. I won’t name names for fear of omitting someone, but you know who you are.

In October 2012, Salem Communications, which bought Hot Air from Michelle Malkin, decided to repurpose the Green Room, staffing it with the front page crew at Hot Air and columnists from Townhall, another Salem property. Two months later LU was born. Fittingly, when Ed Morrissey wrote a short congratulatory piece, alerting readers of the new startup, he did so via the Green Room.

[Ed: Big thanks to Howard Portnoy for this very nice reflection on the Green Room. It was a good concept in theory that just didn’t pan out like we’d hoped. And be sure to bookmark Liberty Unyielding, which is in our blogroll, too.]

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