"Ready for Hillary" Super PAC ramping up

The group’s website is getting a big makeover this weekend, complete with two elements that symbolize how the backers of Clinton ’16 are borrowing as much as they can from the triumphal Obama campaigns.

First, there’s a buzzy new video (see below) showcasing her status as a visual, emotional icon of history-changing female empowerment and accomplishment (cherubic child, bespectacled Yalie, adoring mother, First Partner, steely senator, Madame Secretary), accompanied by a bit of acoustic celebrity fairy dust courtesy of Katy Perry’s pop hit “Roar” (“Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roaaaaaaar!”). Second, the website has been souped-up to allow supporters to more easily identify and contact people on Facebook, solicit greater numbers for Ready for Hillary, and reach out to constituency groups, such as LGBT or African-Americans, to host events around the country.