Let us be clear: There will be no ObamaCare bailout, assures the White House

“I do think both factors tilt the odds toward the government sending more money to insurers under risk corridors than they’re taking in,” says Larry Levitt, a health-care expert at the Kaiser Family Foundation. Given the political potency of the “bailout” label, Rubio looked to be onto something, and the many Republicans who repeated the charge seemed to agree.
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The White House seems to agree, too. In a call with reporters late Wednesday, senior administration officials announced that they’re adjusting the risk corridor program to be “budget neutral.” But they haven’t made clear how they’ll make sure enough money will come in from insurers to avoid taxpayer-funded payments. White House officials presented this change as just another minor adjustment to help insurers and customers adapt to the new law. Nothing to see here, folks! What this change really does is blunt Rubio’s attack by apparently guaranteeing that an “Obamacare bailout” cannot occur.

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