Report: Senior Al Qaeda facilitator "back on the street" in Iran

But now, according to US government officials who spoke with Al Jazeera, al Suri is back in the game and even facilitating al Qaeda’s operations inside Syria.

“As head al Qaeda facilitator in Iran, al Suri is responsible for overseeing al Qaeda efforts to transfer experienced operatives and leaders from Pakistan to Syria, organizing and maintaining routes by which new recruits can travel to Syria via Turkey and assisting in the movement of al Qaeda external operatives to the West,” an unnamed State Department official told Al Jazeera.

A US Treasury Department official confirmed the revelation, according to Al Jazeera. “He’s an al Qaeda operative, Al Nusrah is an al Qaeda affiliate, and we know he’s moving money and extremists into Syria for al Qaeda elements there, so I think you can draw that conclusion,” the Treasury official said…

It is not clear why the Iranian government would allow al Suri to act as a facilitator for al Qaeda’s operations inside Syria. Al Qaeda and Iran are on opposite sides of the Syrian war.

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