Poll: Sharp reversal on Christie's numbers nationally after Bridgegate

In the new poll, more Americans view Mr. Christie negatively than positively, by a margin of 29%-22%. That’s a swift reversal from October when an earlier poll found 33% of the respondents viewed him positively, compared with the 17% who viewed him negatively.

The sharp drop resulted in large part from a steep slide with political moderates. In October, 44% of moderates viewed Mr. Christie positively, while 13% viewed him negatively. In the latest Journal poll, his support from these voters has been cut in half, while 29% view him negatively.

Mr. Christie has suffered a similar erosion among Democrats. Thirty percent viewed him favorably in October, while 17% held a negative view of him. Now, those numbers are upside-down, with just 15% of Democrats viewing him favorability and 37% viewing him negatively.

The New Jersey governor has lost ground with Republicans and self-described conservatives, but he has preserved a largely favorable image with this subset of the electorate, even though 20% of conservatives now view him negatively.

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