Get ready for an immigration fight the public doesn't want

The Wall Street Journal editorial page is solidly pro-reform. National Review is solidly against it. The Weekly Standard is split, with editor William Kristol advising Republicans “don’t even try” to pass reform this year, and executive editor Fred Barnes praising McCarthy’s decision to support legalization as a blow against the “nativist axis” and a “brave step for his party and America.”

A fight is coming. Perhaps the only people not fully engaged might be the broad majority of Americans, who don’t see any urgent need for reform. In a new survey from Pew, in which voters were asked what should be the top priority for the president and Congress, immigration reform ranked 16th out of 20. In a new poll from Gallup, just three percent named immigration as the nation’s most pressing issue.

After a look at those numbers, lawmakers might reasonably conclude it’s time to move on to something else. But don’t look for Washington to take the voters’ hint.