Poll: Record low say own representative deserves reelection to Congress

These findings are from Gallup’s annual Mood of the Nation poll, conducted Jan. 5-8, 2014. The percentage of voters saying most members of Congress deserve re-election has been below its historical average of 39% since early 2008. The figure has plummeted since mid-2011, with a brief improvement — to 36% — in November 2012, attributable to a surge in Democratic support at the time of the national election.

The legendary Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill famously coined the phrase “all politics is local,” a dictum that guided his Democratic majorities against Republican electoral waves in the 1980s. More generally, the saying describes the local versus national phenomenon that also occurs when the public is asked about such things as healthcare, education, and crime. But now that adage rings less true as voters see their own U.S. representative in the same way that they see most other members of Congress — as not deserving re-election.

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