"Our men aren't men"

“Historically, if you look at some of the things that people in the civil rights movement said – Dr. Martin Luther King, and the Black Panthers, even with their sordid history – they were very pro-life,” says Jones. “Something changed. Something really kind of changed us to be this quietly pro-abortion group of people, almost unknowingly.”

Jones believes it’s part of the “contraceptive culture,” noting that “more money is poured into our schools for comprehensive sex education than other schools. When you say that the child is expendible in the womb, who cares if the person is outside of the womb? If they’re in my way, I can kill them. That mindset that a person is not really a person if they are in the way – it’s a cancer in our community.”

“Our men are not men,” he continued. “They are using our women for sexual gratification, and then they’re gone. The woman is left with what some people call a choice – it’s not really a choice – to abort the child or struggle in poverty to raise the child by herself.”