Confirmed: Rich women have better sex lives

92.96 percent of women with a university education, for example, said they were generally satisfied with their sexual life, while only 81.98 percent of women with less than primary education agreed. Clearly, both groups reflect high levels of satisfaction, but the difference is significant.

The disparity widens when it comes to the matter of contraception. 62.01 percent of women with less than a primary education used contraception within the past year, which jumps up to 81.17 percent for women who have attended university. Among women from developed versus developing countries, 78.50 percent of the former use contraception compared to 67.06 percent of the latter.

While contraception may not initially seem related to levels of sexual enjoyment, for many people, especially women, the use of contraception makes sex a less stressful experience, because it reduces their concerns about pregnancies and STDs.

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