The nasty Cheney schadenfreude

What’s most disturbing is the absolute giddy glee that was evidenced by so many random political types when Liz withdrew. My favorite was a tweet from Sally Quinn, “I wonder if Liz Cheney thinks that her losing campaign was worth hurting her sister, causing pain and humiliation to the rest of her family?”

Does she now? Touching. Her next tweet is about the white collar shirts her husband wears. This river runs deep.

Just how phony is all this scolding of Liz Cheney? Imaging that she had a sibling who was a prominent anti-gay marriage supporter, say a pastor at a church, and Liz publicly broke with his or her position. Would she be accused of turning on her sibling? Or imagine if post-Bush accounts revealed that Dick Cheney had advised Bush privately against the Iraq invasion and Liz came out in support of her father’s position. She’d be heralded as a heroine.