A new power in conservative media

Adding Twitchy into its portfolio, Salem called itself “the largest social media driven conservative platform on the Web with nearly 10 million unique readers and over 100 million page views each month.” The expansion also brings some of the bigger names of conservative blogging, like Erick Erickson and Mary Katharine Ham, under one roof. And Salem has the funds for a substantial platform: In 2012, the publicly traded company generated $108 million of gross profit on $229 million of revenue.

Since going public in 1999, Salem has gradually evolved from Christian-only media to include right-wing political talk and non-Christian hosts like Dennis Prager and Michael Medved. Jonahtan Garthwaite, the founder of Town Hall and now vice president and general manager for Salem’s political web businesses, said Salem understands the value of digital properties and plans to continue to grow its holdings in that area.

“It’s fair to say that we are not done,” Garthwaite said. “We are always looking to grow organically and through acquisition. We’re always looking for opportunities, personalities to fuel that growth. Websites can build up personalities, groom people for prime time. It works really well in that sense.”