World doubts Obama's wavering red lines

“My worry is not over the next six months,” said Dov Zakheim, former undersecretary of Defense in the Bush administration. “The problem to me is that the president has once again laid out another red line and his track record with red lines is ambiguous. The red line this time is the six months.”

“What happens if nothing more is achieved after the six month period or Iran cheats and nobody does anything about it? If either of those things happen, I believe the Israelis will attack,” he said…

“When you draw red lines and then they are crossed and you don’t do anything about it, two things happen: Your enemies become emboldened and your allies become less sure,” said British Member of Parliament Liam Fox, a former Secretary of State for Defence. “That’s been the problem.”

Moshe Ya’alon, Israel’s Minister of Defense, said America’s actions throughout the Arab Spring, including Obama’s failure to enforce his Syria red line, have created the impression that the West is not willing or able to confront Iran and its Shiite Muslim allies, who are bent on expanding their regional influence and pursuing a nuclear capability despite any interim deal.