Poll: Experiences of uninsured with ObamaCare websites mostly negative, 34/63

The results are based on Gallup’s interviews conducted Oct. 23-Nov. 18 with 1,573 uninsured Americans. Over this period, 17% of Americans said they lacked health insurance, and 21% of those uninsured Americans say they personally visited, or attempted to visit, a state or federal government health insurance exchange website.

Forty percent of uninsured Americans are unsure about which type of exchange website they visited, while 28% say they visited a federal exchange, 14% a state exchange, and 18% both. Stated another way because the “both” responses involve federal and state exchanges, a total of 32% of uninsured Americans who have visited websites went either just to a state site or to a federal and a state site, while 46% went just to a federal exchange or to both.

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