For younger people, ObamaCare signup comes later

That means enrollment of these “young invincibles” could be lower for the coming months, and the folks signing up early are likelier to have pricier medical care. This trend could be bad news for the short term as the Obama administration tries to convince Americans that is quickly recovering and enrolling people in droves after an awful start. And that gap lets Obamacare critics keep making the case that these “young invincibles” would rather pay a $95 fine than shell out cash for insurance — dooming the president’s signature domestic achievement.

The lousy website is clearly a deterrent. It’s hard to imagine too many healthy 20-somethings sitting around for hours waiting for an error message to disappear.

“Thanks to faster connectivity, instant downloads, streaming services and seamless/tap-to-buy transactions, consumer expectations for speed and ease when it comes to transactions have risen exponentially. This especially goes for the Millennial Generation, which has grown up during the rise of the on-demand economy,” Ann Mack, director of Trendspotting at the advertising and marketing agency JWT, said in an email.

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