The biggest failure of ObamaCare: Increasing the number of uninsured

The individual market is gone. This means some 15 million newly uninsured people. Some of them will get coverage on the exchanges, but not many. The exchanges offer benefits that are too rich – things like pediatric dental care that few private insurance plans cover – and all those “enhanced” benefits cost money. Yes, some will be offered some subsidies, but in most cases people will still pay more than they have been used to, and the enrollment process is a nightmare.

Employers will drop coverage in droves. That has been happening slowly for years, but Obamacare will accelerate it dramatically. In 2011 the McKinsey Company did a large survey of the employers and found 30% said they would definitely or probably drop their coverage. This was blithely dismissed by administration supporters, but McKinsey is a rock solid company with no interest in political spin. This means perhaps 50 million people will no longer have coverage on the job. They will find –

-No more automatic enrollment going along with the job. People will have to take the initiative to find out about the Exchange.

-No more pure community rating of the employee share of premiums. The Exchange will vary premiums every year based on a person’s age.

-No more paycheck deductions of the employee share of premiums. People will have to make some kind of payment arrangement for their share of the premium. …

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