Four lessons from the disastrous ObamaCare rollout

4. New leadership is needed. The Post reports that Obama frequently tried to keep his team on task. Hours after the bill passed, the president told celebrating aides that the hard work of implementation begins in the morning. During regular staff meetings to monitor progress, he invariably turned attention to the website. If it doesn’t work, Obama said, “nothing else matters.” In one meeting, he told senior advisers that implementing ACA was the most important job of his presidency. “We’ve got to do it right,” Obama said.

Those anecdotes seem to belie the impression that Obama was disengaged. Even so, the president needs to do some soul searching. What did I miss, and why? What was kept from me, and why? Who failed to do their jobs right? Who failed to tell me the job wasn’t getting done right? Do I have the right people on the job?

Because as long as the president sticks with the team that failed the country and lied, it’s fair to assume that he hasn’t learned the most basic lessons from the launch.

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