For the young and healthy, health insurance is a hard sell

I met Matt Rife, a comic, at the Cazt agency’s open call for a comedy show. Rife, 18, works at comedy clubs and doesn’t have health insurance. But he does need it, he says.

“Like, if I get hurt, I’m kind of screwed,” he says. “If I get sick, I’m on my own — I’m down to some ibuprofen and some cough drops and that’s about it.”

Rife says he and his friends don’t talk much about health care because it seems like a distant political thing that doesn’t have much to do with them.

“We’re worried about it, but not, like, ‘Oh, we gotta get this today or we’re going to be in trouble,’ you know.”

If something did happen, Rife says, having insurance would be nice. But he admits he’d like to buy a car first.

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