The president's broken health care promises

This is a serious breach of trust with the American people. Yet virtually every other major promise Mr. Obama has made about his health-care reform—for example that you can keep your doctor, that your premiums will go down, that overall health spending will decline—is also untrue.

There is also a bigger question. If the White House cannot run a routine review process for the president’s speeches, how is its policy process conducted? There is so much about Mr. Obama’s actions that appears haphazard or impetuous that it raises concerns he is sitting atop a policy process that is staggeringly inept.

It’s not just ObamaCare’s incompetent implementation. Many of Mr. Obama’s other policies—the lack of “shovel ready jobs” in the huge stimulus bill, drawing and then erasing red lines in Syria, the near-criminal negligence surrounding the terrorist attack in Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservatives, the president spinning his wheels on gun control and failing to achieve immigration reform—all of this and more smack of impulsive action, indifference and lack of attention.

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