Liberalism's war on women

The contraction of women’s rights into the sphere of abortion produced a wealth of moral absurdities and obscenities; “Destroy the village to save the village” scenarios where the only way to protect women is to kill women and where the protector of women role could fall to a grotesque smirking Cesar Romero wannabe who made Bill Clinton look like a monk who had taken a vow of chastity.

The liberal protectors of women, like Filner, Clinton and Ted Kennedy, often seem like the exact opposite. But as long as they support abortion—all is forgiven, forgotten and drowned in the deepest waters off Martha’s Vineyard.

Despite the occasional mumbled mentions of economic equality, the liberal idea of social improvement for women now consists of little more than the right to kill. That the right to kill is championed by opponents of war and the death penalty makes it all the more perverse. The only real right of women under liberalism is the right to kill their own children.

There was a net loss of 354,000 female jobs during Obama’s term and the income of single mothers fell 7 percent. Obama, who opposed the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, has not done anything meaningful for women economically. Like Bob Filner, his credentials as a general on the right side in the War on Women is his enthusiastic support for the same organization whose questionnaire Bob Filner filled out and his opponent didn’t; an organization that works for the cause of death, not life.

What does the War on Women really look like?

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