Chuck Schumer introduces the "McConnell rule"

The irony here is that McConnell has made it clear he is abandoning any talk of Obamacare and will instead focus on spending and debt in the abstract. We already explained why it is dumb policy and stupid politics to focus on random spending cuts instead of Obamacare and other harmful government interventions that destroy jobs, raise the cost of living, and infringe upon personal liberties. But the idea that we will ever fight against more spending when McConnell has given the farm away on any future debt ceiling leverage is absurd.

Ask yourself this question: when was the last time a Democrat scored points for our side – to the extent that a conservative member was able to name a rule after that individual?

Ask yourself another question: how are we ever going to build a Senate majority with members who score more points for the other team than the Democrats do for themselves?

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