Media Matters chief working hard to spin Benghazi before Hillary 2016 run

These groups are all relatively new and untested, he said. However, “Rand Paul, who may run for president, said that Benghazi was a disqualifier for Secretary Clinton for higher office, and you know, I mean, that’s baloney.

“And I think we show in the book that Secretary Clinton was involved in forming global anti-terror policies that were tough and successful moreso than I think the last administration’s [were],” Brock said. “She took responsibility for the security lapses even though [it was found] that she didn’t have knowledge of the reductions. That night she was engaged and a steady hand, and then after the fact, I think her focus was on trying to keep diplomats safe in the future. … I think every step of the way she did the right thing.”

He added, “While our effort is entirely independent, I do think we’ve learned this lesson over the years that it’s very detrimental to leave charges out there that are unanswered.”

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