Dan Snyder's best possible answer to critics of the Redskins' name

If Snyder really wants to call out these Helmet Hypocrites, here’s what he should say…

We are all entitled to our opinion. Here is mine. Instead of focusing so much attention upon an old symbol that some rightly believe is offensive to American Indians, we might instead focus that attention upon the many vital issues of substantive concern to Native Americans. Instead of debating the merits of a single loaded word found on helmets and jerseys and bumper stickers we should be debating the policies and practices that directly impact the lives of millions of people. An argument over the former, even a well-meant one, is no substitute for action on the latter.

For example, why aren’t we talking more as a nation about the lack of Native American judges on the federal bench? Did you know that in the long history of this nation there have been only two and that one of them didn’t know of his heritage until he was well into middle age? Did you know that the last American Indian to be nominated and confirmed to the bench was during the Clinton administration—despite the fact that the nation’s tribes are governed largely by federal law?

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