Rand Paul backs off from Syria filibuster threat

The Kentucky Republican told “Fox News Sunday” a filibuster would only delay a vote authorizing use of force.

“I will insist there is full debate on this and I will insist that I get an amendment and my amendment will say that the vote is binding — that the president cannot, if we vote him down, decide to go to war anyway,” Paul said.

“That’s the way I interpret the Constitution, and I will insist on at least one vote where we say, ‘Hey guys, this is not political show, this is not constitutional theater, this is a binding vote,'” Paul said.

Asked if he would support impeaching Obama if he disregarded the will of Congress, Paul cited several examples in which he believed the president had already done so, including the recess appointments of controversial nominees.

“Whether you impeach someone is a different question and is obviously a very big one, so I wouldn’t make a judgment on that,” Paul said.