Lt. Gov. Bolling isn't bullish on either of the Virginia gubernatorial candidates

What do you think those independents will do?

I don’t think either candidate has really reached into that group yet because neither candidate has offered a positive vision for the future of the state. The campaign up until now has become a rapid race to the bottom, with each candidate trying to define the opponent in terms of the lowest common denominator, rather than trying to define themselves.

It’s not that these guys haven’t talked about issues. They have. And there are big differences between them on issues. But the problem is their discussion has been totally drowned out by the million of TV ads that they’ve already run.

Independent voters are not moved by negative campaigns. They’re moved by candidates who are able to present come sort of a positive vision. And at this point, neither one of them has been able to do that. If they don’t, then I think there’s a likelihood that these independent voters could stay home on Election Day and we could be looking at one of the lowest voter turnouts in the history of the state.