GOP Sen. Jim Inhofe announces he'll investigate NSA violations

“The NSA violations recently reported by the Washington Post are very concerning as it appears the Obama Administration has abused the authority granted to them by Congress,” Inhofe said.

“NSA has been an essential tool in fighting terrorism, as seen in preventing the New York City subway bomb plot in 2009 as well as countless other classified incidences where we could have lost a number of innocent Americans,” Inhofe said.

Inhofe said that it is critical for Congress to uphold its duty to act as a check on the Obama administration, particularly when it comes to clandestine dealings that impact U.S. citizens.

“Congress has an important role to provide oversight of the NSA, and as Ranking Member of Senate Armed Services, I will work to investigate as to what laws were broken by the Administration,” Inhofe said. “As we uncover any violations, it is important we strike a balance of civil liberty protections with intelligence collection against those seeking to attack us overseas and here at home.”