Egypt's Tamarod movement: Cancel peace deal with Israel

The movement’s online petition, on which some 3,000 citizens signed, states: “Following the United States’ blatant and repeated interference in Egypt’s affairs and the US’ support of terror groups, I, an Egyptian citizen, demand that the Egyptian regime hold a referendum on two counts: First, the refusal to US aid, and second, the annulment of peace accords between Egypt and the Israeli entity, including a rephrasing of security agreements so as ensure Egypt’s right to secure its border.”

According to the movement, the accord’s provisions, as well as Israel and international peacekeeping forces present in the Sinai Peninsula, prevent Egypt from dispatching additional forces into Sinai, thus hindering their ability to halt terrorist activity in the region…

Tamarod, meaning “rebellion” in Arabic, was founded with the aim to call for the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi and was one of the driving forces behind the July 2013 protests which culminated in Morsi’s ouster.

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