Clintonworld vs. Weiner

“We have absolutely no clue what he was talking about,” spokesman Nick Merrill said. “Maybe his campaign does. Doubt it though.” …

After a mayoral debate on Tuesday night, Weiner was asked about that remark. He testily told reporters in the spin room that he had, clearly, been kidding.

“If you read the transcript, the question was, do I know what my wife is doing? And the answer is yes. It was a joke. Have you ever heard, ‘But if I tell you I’d have to kill you?’” he said. “It’s a joke, everyone laughed.” …

When a reporter asked if he regrets causing problems related to Hillary Clinton, he replied, “You can report on whatever you want about this debate … and if you want to make it about the Clinton campaign [you can]. I was asked about the campaign and the plan of my wife and I made a lighthearted answer that everyone in the room laughed at apparently except you. For that I apologize, I’ll try to make the jokes” better.

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