Sources: Clintons' patience growing thin with Anthony Weiner

One Clinton associate said the Clintons are “bristling at the comparisons” between Weiner and Bill Clinton, and between Hillary Clinton and Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin.

The pressure they are applying on him to exit the race has been coming from those outside the Clinton inner circle, at least for now, and there are no immediate plans for that to change.

It’s not clear whether either of the Clintons has had direct communications with Weiner or Abedin since the latest batch of racy communications between Weiner and a young woman surfaced last week. One source told ABC News, however, that Hillary Clinton reached out to Abedin on her 37th birthday Sunday. …

One particular frustration voiced by several prominent Democratic donors is that Abedin contacted them to raise money for her husband’s campaign. The clear implication, according to those donors, was that supporting Weiner was akin to supporting the Clintons, given Abedin’s longstanding and close relationship with the former secretary of state.

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