Why do women disapprove of drone strikes more than men do?

Fascinatingly, the closest corollary to a drone strike — air or missile strikes — did not remarkably change the gender difference numbers. In fact, none of the *methods* of military intervention seemed to change the numbers very much in Eichenberg’s study.

Which means, perhaps strangely, that drones really do seem to be different. They’re a way of waging a war that men support far more than women. One reason might be that, as Eichenberg summarizes earlier research, “women were far more sensitive — and negative — about the prospects of civilian and military casualties in the war.”

So much of the discourse over drones has focused on the possibility and reality of civilian casualties that perhaps this has tinted the subject for women across the globe.

Another might be that men just really *like* drones and the prospect of troop-less war.