Rand Paul: Republicans needs community organizers too

Senator Rand Paul: “I think the funny thing, or the ironic thing is some Republicans said “oh, the President is just a community organizer.’ Well, being a, “Community Organizer” is actually important for a politician. It’s being part of a community and I think we need to have “Republican Community Organizers” basically going into the community or people who are from the community hiring them and saying what is it? Can we go to church, a picnic, a bar-b-que? How do we relate and let people know that we do care about their situation, about making it better? I think in some ways we might be able to beat the Democrats hands down because the Democrats I think take all of this vote for granted and they’ve left people in rotting schools in the inner cities, full of drugs, full of crime, full of no discipline, really full of no hope. President Obama was supposed to be this great ‘hope and change’ President but if you live in the inner city of Chicago you know what’s going on? Mass murder….”