Progressives: Hillary Clinton must win us over

“This group, if I can paint a generalization, does not view this in the Camelot context of the Clintons,” said Democracy for America Chairman Jim Dean. “She is what she is and we don’t know what that is, and whether she’s running or not. But it’s going to really depend on where she’s at on a lot of these issues and how forceful she’s going to be.”

Progressives had major issues with Clinton when she ran in 2008, topped, of course, by her vote to authorize the Iraq War. Despite her attempts to walk back that decision — she said during the campaign that she regretted the vote and would have acted differently in hindsight — she ceded much of the energy and votes of the progressive movement to Barack Obama. She never was really able to make up that ground…

Beth Becker, a Democratic digital consultant, said Clinton would “make a hell of a president” and she would be excited to support her — but that doesn’t mean activists will confuse her with a progressive candidate.

“Hillary’s no progressive,” Becker said. “She’s not terrible, but she’s not a progressive.”