Looking to 2016, Iowa GOP getting jazzed about Scott Walker

Here is the thing that really impresses Republicans looking for a candidate: Scott Walker has done things. As part of the gubernatorial faction in the 2016 field — the list includes Christie and Jindal — Walker not only has executive experience. He has used executive authority to achieve a goal conservatives have pursued for years: to break the hold public employee unions have on government in many states. The result in Wisconsin has been millions of taxpayer dollars saved and improved schools.

And Walker did it while going through the most intense trial by fire of any politician in America in recent years. Democrats and their allies on the left threw everything they had at him. They tried to stop him in the streets, in the courts, in a recall election. He survived it all.

The senators who are potential candidates — Paul, Rubio, perhaps Ted Cruz — don’t have anywhere near that level of accomplishment.