Are you ready for Huntsman 2016?

Huntsman says he’s undecided on his future plans and the 2016 race, but the new Red Rock PAC will give him a perch from which to speak and travel — as well as give him access to a network of candidates, donors and potential future surrogates for any presidential candidacy.

“It’s way early,” Huntsman told POLITICO about the 2016 race. “For this year and next year, it will be more about talking about the issues that really matter, presenting them to people who are interested in hearing about them and kind of seeing where they go.

“If [the issues] hit a wall, then you don’t have a future. If they resonate with people, then naturally, you’ll be talked about,” Huntsman said. “If you are to rise politically, it’s based upon real ideas, policies and solutions that connect with our time in history — or you don’t go anywhere at all.”