"It doesn't matter what parental controls you put in place, kids live their lives in other places"

The exposure may result in relationships that lack scope and communication. “Too many young people start their sexual careers attempting to duplicate porn, not realizing that this model lacks so much,” noted sex educator and author Dr. Marty Klein recently wrote in the Huffington Post.

“With valuable face-to-face communication increasingly replaced by brief digital syllables … young adults’ ability to simply talk about what goes on in bed … is lagging further and further behind the needs of their sexual encounters — whether hookup or more intimate.”

Kids don’t want to hear a lot of things. They don’t want to hear that they shouldn’t drive too fast or date the mean hot person or eat fast food all the time. But if the Internet is going to put your kids in the path of a virtual tsunami of porn, the least you can do is warn them about it.

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