Is Michelle Obama about to honor an anti-American anti-semite?

Egyptian activists apparently alerted the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum about Ibrahim’s Twitter history. According to museum spokesman Andrew Hollinger, the director of the museum’s Initiative on Holocaust Denial and State-sponsored Antisemitism, Diane Saltzman, “alerted the State Department to Samira Ibrahim’s tweets” on Tuesday. In an e-mail response to my question, Hollinger also wrote, “On March 6 (yesterday), we alerted them to some of her blog postings.” (Her blog postings, at least the ones I have seen, have a general anti-American tenor, but are not as inflammatory as her tweets.)

In a follow-up e-mail, Hollinger told me, “The Museum believed it was incumbent upon us to alert the State Department about the Tweets and posts we learned of. It is now up to them to research and verify them and decide how to proceed.”

This is where the story gets even stranger. Tadros, in the Weekly Standard, wrote on Tuesday, the same day the Holocaust Museum told the State Department about Ibrahim’s tweets, that, “Just today, apparently after having been warned that her vicious tweets might cause her trouble during her visit to the U.S., she has written on twitter: ‘My account has been previously stolen and any tweet on racism and hatred is not me.'” Tadros went on to write, “However, in the past she never made any mention of her account being ‘stolen.’ The record of her anti-Semitic tweets is still available online.”

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