Poll: Asian-Americans solidly Democratic across all age groups

Middle-aged Asians are also more likely to be Republican than their younger counterparts, or compared with the group as whole. In this age group, 31% identify with or lean toward the GOP and 52% with the Democratic Party. However, young Asians break more strongly Democratic, giving President Obama’s party a 61% to 24% advantage over the GOP.

This advantage is not to be understated: a commanding 56% of adult Asian-Americans are between the ages of 18 and 34, making Asian-Americans as a whole the youngest of any U.S. racial or ethnic group Gallup analyzes. By comparison, 23% of adult non-Hispanic whites — the racial category most receptive to the Republican Party — are between those ages, versus 37% of non-Hispanic blacks and 47% of Hispanics.

The question then for the Republican Party is will young Asian-Americans become, like their older cohorts, more supportive as they age or will they continue their pattern of less support.

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