Maybe we don't need nations anymore

As countries struggle with their identity issues — some better than others — there’s another, stranger immigrant element of this new open world. The past few decades have seen the rise of a small global elite class who use their wealth to avoid being too firmly committed to any one nation in particular. The super rich own homes on multiple continents; keep their money virtual and nation-less in the labyrinth of international banking; and travel with ease amongst it all.

This may seem like the beginning of a screed against the 1% and their lack of civic obligation. But I propose that the more interesting question isn’t how can we stop them from living the state-less lifestyle, but rather what if everyone else could?

It’s not unthinkable. History has shown time and again that what is exclusive to the super rich one day will become common the next. Who had indoor plumbing, cars and cellphones first? Who has them now? It’s not so ludicrous to think that the law of accelerating returns will allow everyone to one day become an international jet setter and just forgo this whole “nation thing.”

It’s weird, but hear us out.

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