Glorifying British health care in the Olympics' opening ceremony was a disgrace

Kane even went to the extreme length of calling 999 from his hospital bed so desperate was he for a drink during his visit to hospital for a hip replacement in 2009. Yet when the police arrived, the nurses ushered them away, assuring them that the young patient was confused.

Within a day he was dead. Dead because NHS hospital staff refused to give a sick man a glass of water. We are not talking some powerful prescription drug. Just a small glass of tap water.

Yet none of them were able to do this. They were ‘incompetent’ and made a ‘series of basic failures’, said the coroner after an inquest earlier this month into Kane’s death…

How does the family of Kane – and indeed the thousands of others we have heard of and the many more we haven’t – feel when they see the NHS being shamefully glorified at the biggest sporting bonanza in the world?