Survey: Greeks now more pessimistic about the future than Syrians

Greeks are the most pessimistic people in the world about the direction of their lives, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday. More than four in 10 Greeks in 2011 expected their lives in five years to be worse than they are now.

By comparison, only 33 percent of people in Syria, the next most-pessimistic country, said the same. Czech Republic and Portugal were approximately tied with Syria.

Europe in general is feeling less optimistic than the rest of the world, but Greeks seem to have the gloomiest perspective:

“The pessimism among Greeks bucks a global trend — people in most countries tend to expect their lives in five years to be better than their current lives, whether they rate their lives highly or not. In Greece, 25 percent in 2011 expressed such optimism, compared with a median of 36 percent in Europe and 66 percent worldwide,” Gallup wrote.