No ObamaCare Supreme Court bounce for Obama in the polls

Put simply, there has been no real bounce for Obama vis-à-vis Mitt Romney. If you look at the polls that have been conducted before and after June 28—the day of the Supreme Court ruling—you’ll see that there has been no shift toward the president over the past 10 days. In the Real Clear Politics polling average on June 27, Obama held a 3-point lead over Romney. Now, the RCP average has him leading by 2.6 points.

Meanwhile, consider Obama’s RCP job-approval rating on the eve of the June 28 ruling: a slight net positive of 47.9 percent approve versus 47.7 percent disapprove. Today, it’s a slight net negative: 47.0 percent approve versus 48.6 disapprove. But the bottom line is that it hasn’t changed much at all.

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