Why isn't Romney answering Obama's outsourcing attacks?

It’s a move that has left some in the Republican elite, already displeased with the campaign’s flat-footed response to the Obamacare ruling, confused. Several have noted that this is how John Kerry lost in 2004 — by waiting too long to start debunking an opposition message that undermined a key part of his record (in his case, his status as a Vietnam veteran).

“President Obama’s campaign understands that if they don’t attack and dismantle Gov. Romney’s economic experience then they are going to lose re-election,” said Ric Grenell, a former Romney aide who supports the candidate. “The Romney team needs to be able to quickly call out the Obama camp’s desperate and erroneous assault otherwise they will lose.”

That idea was echoed by Republican strategist Rick Wilson.

“Never let an attack go unanswered. It’s a rule for a reason,” said Wilson.

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