Former Democrat Artur Davis now squarely in Romney's corner

The former congressman recalled Obama’s campaign pledges to rein in government spending and lessen the country’s dependence on credit. “Those were powerful sounding, tough words from a Democratic candidate in 2007 and 2008 who was trying, frankly, to reach out to the center,” Davis said. “Well, I think we all know, four years later, candidate Obama has been a very different person than President Obama.”

“Words aren’t enough now,” he said while visiting with Michael Daubert, a restaurant manager, and his wife, Megan, who owns a wedding planning business. As a Romney campaign camera rolled, he added, “We are going to have to put a president in the White House who takes this problem seriously . . . to put us on the pathway towards a balanced budget.”…

Davis indicated that his ability to focus attention on the national debt is his chief asset to the GOP. At the event here Thursday — which consisted of Davis, College Republican National Committee Chairman Alex Schriver, the Dauberts and a couple of reporters — Davis said the Democratic Party isn’t serious about deficit reduction.

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